A Southern Neighbor Is About To Be Muammar’d

Gaddafi wanted to take Africa to a gold standard currency. Look what happened to him when he thumbed his nose at the world banksters, trying to dismantle the petro-dollar’s stronghold. Realize what this man did for the citizens of Libya: water, standard of living, guaranteed education, lifted them from one of the poorest African nations into one of the richest.

And, maybe I shouldn’t mention aaingirfan’s post, but apparently Gaddafi was not afraid to call out one of the most monstrous of the entities ruling the Earth, Israel:

A. Gaddafi’s Libya seeks a ONE state solution for Israel-Palestine

Gaddafi wants to:

1. Have ONE state which will include both the Palestinians and the Israelis.

2. Return ALL Palestinian refugees to this state.

3. Remove all weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear weapons, from this state.

4. Have 5 administrative regions within the state.

B. In a UN speech, Gaddafi suggested that Israel was behind the JFK assassination.

Gaddafi asked why Jack Ruby, ‘an Israeli,’ killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

Gaddafi suggested that Kennedy may have been killed because of his interest in ‘investigating’ an Israeli nuclear program.

“Why did this Israeli kill the killer of Jack Kennedy? The whole world should know that Kennedy wanted to investigate the nuclear reactor of the Israeli demon,” Gaddafi said.

C. Gaddafi has said that Israel ‘is behind Africa’s wars’ – (Al Jazeera English)

In 2009, Gaddafi told African leaders that Israel is “behind all of Africa’s conflicts”.

Gaddafi demanded the closure of all Israeli embassies across Africa, describing Israel as a “gang” and saying it uses “the protection of minorities as an excuse to launch conflicts”.

Face it, you can’t do stuff for the citizen and expect that the Corporations will allow it. One cannot express the obviousness of Israel’s criminality without recompense.

Same will go for Chavez and Venzuela.

Chavez wants Venezuelan gold returned. The Bank of England, JP Morgan, Barclays, and Bank Of Nova Scotia are all on the hook for ponying up this booty. This will not bode well and I suspect that the recent cancer that Chavez has endured may be the catalyst to make the move. Maybe he is sick and wants to quickly implement what needs to be done to protect his country from the scavenger banks and American politicians who are owned by the same banks before his demise.

But here is the rub. He wants it ALL (approximately 99 tons) returned. And ‘if’ JP Morgan only has 10.6 tons shelved, how do you suppose they will get the remainder in order to pay the debt? There is about a 100:1 leverage level of paper gold derivatives to physical gold. This means that those who were supposedly ‘storing’ the gold, really aren’t and they simply have paper. Even if they wanted to return the gold, they can’t.

Oh, and the fact that Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves means NOTHING, correct? That little ditty won’t play into America’s plans, at all, correct?

So, what to do?

Expect, very soon, to start hearing that harlot, sHrillary Clinton, start her manly, aggressive stance against what some might argue as one of the best political leaders in all of the Americas (he certainly outshines Barry S). It won’t be long until we hear the same calls of justice and regime change for Venezuela that we hear elsewhere (Syria has been the latest).

But isn’t that the meme set for our activity in this world. I relish the moment that it all goes down and those criminals who have done this pay.

(I can dream, can’t I?)

Now, for an opinion worthy of note:

Maybe Venezuela is protecting their own interests while telling America/EU to bite one. And, if I were them, I’d make sure I check to see if the gold is real or counterfeit. h/t DProgram


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