Breaking News: S&P downgrades US debt from AAA to AA+

Credit rating agency S&P downgrades US debt from AAA, first debt downgrade in US history ! The United States of America is now rated AA+ with negative outlook by Standard & Poor’s.

The Hurt is only beginning. What we have witnessed in the past 4 years means absolutely nothing. You can expect everything form bread to gas to sky rocket. I hope you have been paying attention and have your shit together, for now the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan.

I saw this coming. I tweeted earlier today, Dateline August 8 2011 ..#wallstreet opens with a bang. bada bing, and before that I said Beating the #economy with a dead cat, something sure does stink., and still in between those tweets I said Gambling with your taxes, #wallstreet crash 2011…we have nothing to loose, it’s your #money #Suckers .., and to end it all I said, Gotta go now, have #bodies to hide and more #suckers to #swindle. A fellow could get used to this kind of work. #politicians

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