Fox News Sex Surrogates and their Zombiefied Customers

Fox News Sex Surrogates and their Zombiefied Customers

Original Article by Greg at The Goon Squad (Where Brains are Tenderly Washed, Disinfected and Made Usable Again):

Fox News Viewers are the Most Misinformed: A Seventh Study Arrives to Prove It — and Vindicate Jon Stewart!

Fox News Makes Stupid People:

Turn Off Fox:

Block Murdoch:

Video and narration by BuelahMan

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B’Man’s Marijuana Watch: Dr Laura Knows Her Weed


But at least this shit was actually said on Fox.

Steve Fox outfoxes Fox.

h/t Drug War Rant

Here is a link to the footage of the Domestic Policy Committee’s hearing (chaired by Dennis Kucinich) with ONDCP “Drug Czar” Gil Kerlikowske and later in a second panel, Ethan Nadelmann from Drug Policy Alliance

h/t Just Me

Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited Showing Signs Of Mass Fear and Loathing

Australia Indigenous JobsI want to reach out to all blogs that are not afraid to call Murdock’s shitty corporation for what it is: a propaganda arm of The Elite. An entity chalk full of lies and deceit on a daily basis. A purposeful scam used to mind rape the gullible Americans who bother to tune in or read from his American owned dogs like Fox News

It makes me wonder if old Rupe is having some financial woes (I hope the old asslicker ends up in Madoff’s cell, or better yet sharing a Rush syringe and dying from Dumbassery).

Prison Planet has the entire story, but I did want to address a few of the statements the CEO of News Limited had to say (as quoted in the Prison Planet article (h/t Fighting Tyranny, btw). His name is John Hartigan and it appears to me that he is very afraid of the influence and safety net against their propaganda that the blogosphere has become for the likes of him and his companies.

His opinion on blogs and bloggers is outrageously ironic when you consider the character and performance of his own deviant newspropaganda outlets:

“Something of such little intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance.”

“Bloggers don’t go to jail for their work. They simply aren’t held accountable like real reporters….It could be said the blogosphere is all eyeballs and no insights.”

“In the blogosphere, of course, the mainstream media is always found wanting. It really is time this myth was blown apart.”

“Blogs, and a large number of comment sites, specialise in political extremism and personal vilification. Radical sweeping statements without evidence are common.”FAUXnews.jpg

Bloggers, I don’t know about you, but this has me grinning like a mule eatin’ briars. Can you imagine the pair of hypocritical balls it takes to make these statements while working for that scumbag, Murdoch? After all the lies and water they carried for Bush and the neoCons (and still try). I don’t know what their third quarter is like, but they had a $8.4 BILLION loss in Feb., so I imagine that has them rankled, a bit.

But much more importantly is the fact that it is the internet with its independent bloggers, commenters and reporters who examine their disinformation and quickly disperse it shown for the bullshit it is made of. It is wonderful how fast we pass along information (good and bad). It is up to bloggers and the like to fact check, provide links and offer sound commentary, as a general rule, but the blogosphere is far more than just us political commentary/information blogs like this puny thing you’re reading now. Linking everything together has another motive and rationale for implementation (to regain their quickly slipping stronghold on their customersvictims).

Many people are tuning out from Faux News. There are still the die hard O’Reilly/Hannity viewersnutcases, but even many of them are turning elsewhere. Sure, there is the new “Libertarian” Glenn Beck that is trying to ride the populous wave which is gathering a few more “conservatives” who are deathly afraid of “liberalism” and God forbid they watch Olbermann or, cough, teh gay, Maddow (who is my favorite TV new personality of them all… but that doesn’t get her much). I have said countless times here and elsewhere to turn off that idiot tube when it comes to news and information. Many newspapers suck, but even they are better than TV. Obviously, if you have access, the internet is the best source for news and information, but you need to stick with independent sources (don’t go to Fox News online, as an example).

B’Man’s Patriot Watch: Mayor Virg Bernero

If you don’t think this video is appreciated by the American people, simply do a Google search on “Virg Bernero Fox” and see what results you get.

Now, as for the prick in a suit who was speaking with the Mayor, “What a piece of slimy, slippery, car-salesman-like attitude”

I wrote the mayor and thanked him for what he said.

Dear Mayor Bernero,

I saw a clip of your interview on Fox News (thanks for entering into the lion’s den). I normally don’t write folks like this, especially since I live in Tennessee, but I want to personally thank you for standing up to the hypocrisy that permeates our government and MSM.

You are a hero and should be told!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wish you would too (just takes a second). We need more like him to step up and say what needs to be said.

Mayor Virg Bernero
9th Floor City Hall
124 W. Michigan , MI 48933
517.483.6066 fax

h/t Glenn Greenwald

(PS: Did I mention how bad Fox News sucks?)

What’s The Difference between a Tennessee Democrat and Republican? Not Much…

B’Man: h/t Matt at ThinkProgress:

Last week, Fred Hobbs, a state Democratic Party Executive Committee member in Tennessee, told Nashville’s City Paper that for all he knew, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) “may be terrorist connected.” In a letter of apology to the Executive Committee, Hobbs now says he had that “incorrect” impression because he watched Fox News:

Dear State Executive Committee Member:
I am writing to apologize for my recent remarks about Senator Barack Obama.
My statements to various Nashville media were wrong and offensive. I apologize if my remarks in any way hurt any of our great Democratic candidates, including Senator Obama. Also, I apologize if my comments embarrassed our state or my friends at the Tennessee Democratic Party.

I was not as well prepared as I should have been when speaking with reporters, and I should have taken more time to research Senator Obama’s positions. My comments did reflect questions I had after what I had seen reported on Fox News, but I should have taken some time to check the accuracy of what I saw on television before speaking publicly. My statement that Senator Obama “may be terrorist-connected” was incorrect, and I apologize for making it.

B’Man: I don’t give a rat’s ass about Dems or THUGs. But I do care about why rednecks keep voting against their own needs and desires, which, in turn, fucks up my world. I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken to people who claim to be a Dem or Progressive and they only watch Fox News.

I mean, how stupid can one be?

Redneck Wakeup Alert: Fox News is LAUGHING At YOU

And I bet you still consider them the “only” news source, right?

Wake up, rednecks. It is one thing to be dazzled by the bullshit, but when they are laughing at you about it, you really should grow some balls.

Fox News’ wealthy white males get their chuckles from discussing ‘downscale voters.’

While discussing the primary returns tonight, the “Fox News All Stars” — including Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, and Mort Kondracke — discussed what constitutes a “downscale voter.” Hume opened the segment by asking Barnes to elaborate on his view that many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are “downscale.” Barnes could hardly contain his laughter as he explained that the term “working class” is a euphemism because “it’s kind of mean to say ‘lower class.’ It’s as simple as that.” He explained that the “lower class” are people of low “social class.”

Watch it:

Kondracke attacked Barnes for “dissing” the “lower class.” Hume concluded the segment by assuring the Fox viewers, “We’re all for working families particularly, and those of you who are working families out there, we appeal to you to bear with us.”