B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Hero Ayn Rand

The HuffPo tells us that Ayn Rand (really, her name is Alisa Zinovievna Rosenbaum) lied to all of those idiotic sycophantic followers of hers:

Say it ain’t so Alisa Zinovievna Rosenbaum.

A heavy smoker who refused to believe that smoking causes cancer brings to mind those today who are equally certain there is no such thing as global warming. Unfortunately, Miss Rand was a fatal victim of lung cancer.

However, it was revealed in the recent “Oral History of Ayn Rand” by Scott McConnell (founder of the media department at the Ayn Rand Institute) that in the end Ayn was a vip-dipper as well. An interview with Evva Pryror, a social worker and consultant to Miss Rand’s law firm of Ernst, Cane, Gitlin and Winick verified that on Miss Rand’s behalf she secured Rand’s Social Security and Medicare payments which Ayn received under the name of Ann O’Connor (husband Frank O’Connor).

As Pryor said, “Doctors cost a lot more money than books earn and she could be totally wiped out” without the aid of these two government programs. Ayn took the bail out even though Ayn “despised government interference and felt that people should and could live independently… She didn’t feel that an individual should take help.”

But alas she did and said it was wrong for everyone else to do so. Apart from the strong implication that those who take the help are morally weak, it is also a philosophic point that such help dulls the will to work, to save and government assistance is said to dull the entrepreneurial spirit.

In the end, Miss Rand was a hypocrite but she could never be faulted for failing to act in her own self-interest.

Yes, she was a hypocrite. They all are. It is all theater with most knowing they are actors and quite a few just stupid assholes that aren’t smart enough to see the act. Brain dead sycophants that regurgitate her brand of bullshit. And when it came right down to the nut-cuttin’, we see that her goal was really self-preservation thru lies and deceit.

This should be an indication of where those fools that tout her bullshit daily measure up on the intelligence scale.

I am hoping (but not betting) that my southern redneck friends will understand the significance of this and the entire Kabuki Theater they act out for your benefit. To keep you calling for the heads of poor people and protecting the wealthiest of the wealthy. It makes me wonder if these very same people would call for Rand’s family to piss test or pay back that money she stole thru lies. No, just like my latest dialogue on FB with an old band mate from college, it appears that it is impossible for them to understand any of this. It is the poor “crack heads” that are the problem and laws like the latest Ky law are the solution.

Well, that is until B’Man takes them to task to show what an idiotic argument it is to begin with:

Stinky: Kentucky just passed the best law ever. To be on Foodstamps, Medicaid, or Cash Assistance for your Children or yourself, you HAVE TO pass a Drug Test. Now every other state should do the same. If you agree re-post. We have to work and take a drug test so should they


B’Man: Yes, so now when someone is found to have partaken in any substance (whether or not it was purchased or given) their children can starve. BRILLIANT!

When you applaud having the bankers who were given the TRILLIONS in welfare piss tested, I’ll agree.
Until then, you sound like a person who has a good job and wants others to suffer.


Stinky: Been tested for drugs my self and passed so i don’t have to live off your taxes, as long as you have a prescription for what your taking it’s OK by me, got better things to do besides take a toke these days.

Job is a job at least i do have o…ne and will want one, even if it means working three in a day to stay off welfare and keep my kids fed beside trade my food stamps for some crack or weed.

I am upstanding citizen and signed my name on the dotted line to defend your freedom and my comments.

All government employees have to take drug test, why shouldn’t the one who live off the government do the same.


B’Man: So, to understand you, Stinky, you are willing to give up your freedoms even tho you signed the line to defend my freedoms (sounds like you are looking forward to it)? When I signed the line (I served in the Navy), I meant that I would defend the constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic. These enemies are the ones taking away the very freedoms I swore to defend (and “supposedly” you did, too). Not the poor people.

Do I have to explain how extraordinarily contrary such a stance is?

Just which of those freedoms did you sign for? All of them or just the ones you don’t mind giving up?

Do you honestly believe that everyone getting assistance is a crack or weed head? Are you that cynical or ignorant? Do you keep up with the news of the day and understand that this economic depression was NEVER caused by a single poor person?

So, Stinky, let me hear you jump on the bandwagon to have every banker and corporation dependent on the welfare of the TARP and other Stimulus pissed tested, too. Hell, for that matter, let us simply delete the parts about freedoms that you don’t mind throwing away and have EVERYONE tested.

I mean, shoot, you never know who might be a crack head (even tho prescription drugs cause far more problems than any illicit drug on the market).

And let me ask you this, Stinky: do you think it is proper and the American Way for you to have to work THREE jobs to feed your family? Don’t you think that something is wrong with that picture?

Next, since you BELIEVE that all government workers get piss tested, have your congressman show you his latest test results.

(Crickets will chirp as I wait)

Wake up, Stinky.

To believe that everyone on assistance is a crack head is foolish and shows the height of ignorance (this doesn’t mean you are stupid, but are getting bogus information, likely from the TV).

I can barely count on my two hands the number of ppl on my block who receive some sort of assistance. My wife (you know her) worked for decades and paid in, but her scoliosis has made it impossible and she is on Medicare. My next door neighbor is in her 70’s or 80’s and doesn’t have use of her legs after paying in for 4 or 5 decades, but according to you SHE needs a drug test. As a matter of fact, I know many people getting assistance and I don’t know a single crack head. Go figure. But YOU think they all need to be drug tested.


You are complaining about money, but do you realize that such a testing policy would be quite expensive to implement? So, what really is your motive?

Starving the children of the very few crack heads that are on assistance?

Are you a Christian?

If so, ask Jesus if He would balk and force piss tests to give bread and fishes.

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B’Man’s Marijuana Watch: Then, Now and After Tuesday


Even Arnold knows.

I look back over my lifetime (nearing 50 years) and except for very early on in the late 60’s and early 70’s (I was much too young) weed was no big deal to the country boys in Alabama (my cousins that were a bit older). They knew it back then and told me that what was being said was lies. It was many years later that I really understood for myself when I was confronted by my Dad and his friends (the Chief of Police, in one occasion) about the stuff (they were drinking a scotch and water and smoking a cigar when they took me into the room for the “talking to”).

I even had an old man (Curly Aldridge) tell me, while barely able to stand because of all the moonshine he had drunk, that weed would kill me and how bad it was. From what I understand, the alcohol ate Curly up long ago. I can’t tell you how many drunks have told me how bad the stuff is.

I had countless teachers, advisers, police officers, employers, preachers, parents (mine and friends’), strangers (the vast majority having never even TRIED the stuff) tell me how bad and evil marijuana was, the whole time me using and knowing for myself that they were full of shit or simply had no idea what they were talking about and operated in fear and control from others. I shrugged it off because I knew it was a lie. I had personally disproved almost every lie they told about it.

But now the time is right for people to speak up. I have very close family members, one that recently died, that would have benefited from that miracle drug. In my mother-in-law’s case, it could have likely saved her life. I know so many people who’s lives would immediately become better by a measured, controlled medical use. It is absolutely the most insane thing that this country could have ever done by demonizing this substance.

Read this article from Sam Smith at Undernews. It was originally published in “the November 1970 edition of the DC Gazette, the former name of the Progressive Review” (Undernews is the online presence of Progressive review). Imagine how little has changed. Think about how much money spent and lives horribly wronged by such a crazy socially debilitating approach.


[The following story appeared in the November 1970 edition of the DC Gazette, the former name of the Progressive Review. What’s amazing about this account is not only the rational handling of the matter and the striking testimony of the Surgeon General – but this occurred at a time when 84% of the public opposed legalization. Today only 50% do.]

DC Gazette, November 1970 – The Public Safety Committee of the DC City Council held two days of hearings this month to hear scientific and public testimony about marijuana. Most of what it heard was expectable: scientifically, marijuana is a mild conscious-altering drug; it is not addictive, nor does it lead to the use of addicting drugs; it has been known and used and studied for literally thousands of years, and no physiological damage whatsoever has been discovered; instances of adverse mental effects from its use are extremely rare. 

Most significant to the council’s hearing — and to a good number of kids who are in prison on pot convictions — was the fact, reiterated by Surgeon General Jesse L. Steinfeld, that “in the case of marijuana, legal penalties were originally assigned with total disregard for medical and scientific evidence of the properties of the drug or its effects. I know of no clearer instance in which the punishment for infraction of the law is more harmful than the crime.” . . .

Activist Petey Greene “testified” on behalf of his grandmother, whose opinions on marijuana are based on practical experience. She once told her grandson to quit: “Petey, you gotta stop smoking those reefers because they make you too hungry, and I can’t buy all that extra food.” Later, on comparing its effects with those of alcohol, “She said she’d rather me smoke reefers and just sit and smile at people than drink that old wine and come in throwing chairs around. ” . . .

The testimony of representatives of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs was notable for its meekness. Although the narcs still refer to marijuana as a killer drug before high school audiences, and still try to imply that pot inevitably and immediately leads to heroin, and still pass out 1930’s posters of marijuana as the Grim Reaper — they backed off under Council questioning. The narc’s Dr. Milton Joffe even allowed that although “legalizing simply for hedonistic purposes” was not warranted, “I’m not against pleasure. . .”

Judge Charles Halleck recommended more realistic penalties, since present laws tend to cause the community “to lose faith in the entire system of justice.” James H. Heller of the National Capital Area Civil Liberties Union called for the legalization of pot. He said he saw no reason that it should be treated any different from alcohol. (He admitted to having tried grass once, “but it didn’t have any effect.” (“Maybe you just didn’t know how to smoke it,” Councilwoman Polly Shackleton consoled him) . . .

Terry Becker, a Quicksilver Times reporter, surprised everyone by calling for more stringent penalties and stricter enforcement. Becked wanted “everyone to turn on everyone to get busted;” it would hasten the revolution, he said . . .

Noting that Surgeon General Steinfeld had referred to the famous Alice B. Toklas marijuana or hash brownies but claimed the recipe was not to be found Alice’s cookbook, the Council’s Republican chairman Gilbert Hahn opened the second day of hearings by setting the record straight. “You will find the recipe on page 273 of Alice B. Toklas,” announced Hahn and, having fulfilled his public responsibility, he ordered the proceedings to proceed.


Pete at DrugWarRant shares a letter from Robert F. Hickey, published in the Vail Daily that shows the perspective (again from a medical opinion, it appears) after dealing with it since 1970 (the same year Sam’s article above was first presented). The same stinking lies told for decades:

First, from a professional perspective, let me say that in treating thousands of people who have become victims of their use of alcohol and other drugs since 1970, I have never treated a marijuana addict. I have never been called to an emergency room to treat an out-of-control or violent marijuana user. I have never completed a court-ordered evaluation for a defendant who was accused of domestic violence as a result of marijuana use. I have never heard of five or six law enforcement officers being needed to tackle, control or otherwise subdue a crazed marijuana user.

Marijuana is not a narcotic! That is a law enforcement characterization, not a medical, biological or chemical classification.

Contrary to quotes in Mr. Sims’ letter by Kevin Sabet, special adviser, Office of National Drug Control Policy, marijuana is not a dangerous drug which causes documented health and social problems.

Where is the documentation? The only documentation of social problems are those which arise from the prohibition of marijuana and the 750,000 subsequent arrests for possession of small amounts of the plant each year.

The social problems come as a result of the billions of dollars spent each year by law enforcement agencies across the country.

The social problems come from the inequities of law enforcement against minorities in the country. African-Americans are five to 10 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, yet on a per capita basis, whites use marijuana in greater numbers than all minorities. As Alice Huffman, president of the California NAACP said recently, “ … being caught up in the criminal justice system does more harm to young people than marijuana itself.”

And by what authority does Sabet dictate that marijuana “should not be subject to voter approval for its use”?

After Tuesday:

There is no doubt that Prop 19 is important. Not just for California, but for the rest of the country. I believe that the numbers Tuesday will show that most Californians see the idiocy in the current laws and Drug War and they will vote change. But there are some Big Money folks that are fighting this, you can bet. Big Prison has a shitload of money to lose. As I mentioned in this post, even small local law enforcement agencies have a big amount to lose when they can’t set up road blocks primarily to catch these non-violent, law-abiding (except for holding a small amount of a grass), peaceful and enlightened “thugs”.

But even if Prop 19 passes, I think that is only the beginning of the fight. State’s rights issues will immediately flare up when Holder carries out his promise. In defiance to a state’s right, he wrote a letter to a gathering of former heads of the US DEA who had voiced their concerns over losing such a cash cow and said that Prop 19  “will greatly complicate federal drug enforcement efforts to the detriment of our citizens“. “Accordingly, we will vigorously enforce the (Controlled Substances Act) against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law“.

Leaking the letter was a way to instill some fear into the population, but I don’t think it will change the Yes win. However, Californians would be foolish to think that the Feds WON’T do exactly what Holder says he will do. And there we will have the makings of a sure ’nuff piss off electorate. When their own vote doesn’t count and people are STILL being carried away by Big Gubment Thugs.

And looky here. I have gone many years at a time without touching the stuff. This is not so much a personal use issue with me. As a matter of fact, at the time I don’t use because I won’t spend money on anything except essentials. I will likely not use any for a long time and I am cool with that.

But when I think of my loved ones whose lives would be made so much better but never would even consider it because it is illegal, I realize the tragedy of the policy (even if they do not fully appreciate it). It is the craziest approach that could have ever been implemented and it is time to change it. It seems, however, that the canary in the coal mine (California) will have to fight Big Brother first.

Vote Yes on Prop 19 and bring it on, my California Brothers and Sisters.

At least we got Dogg on the up and up:

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John McCain: The Ultimate Liar

The Ultimate Liar is the one who can say what he says and without regard to film or direct quotes, can firm-faced deny words that are recorded for history to review. Not many people can do this. It takes a certain narcissistic personality trait to do so.

What baffles me even more is the insane people who are feverishly backing this “Straight Talk Express” towards the pits of hell. There is one thing that I cannot stand in my relationships (and would call the president/citizen thingy a “relationship”) is lying. If a person feels like they must lie to me, then they are not considerate of my feelings, but are purposefully trying to get me to agree or submit to something against my better judgment.

I asked the “Old Soldier” (my dad) about this once… “Is it ok for our president to lie to us, for ANY reason?”

The answer was, “I do not believe that my president has or would lie, so the question is bogus.”

The proverbial finger in the ear response, that, even after these 6 years since the conversation took place, I still cannot fathom the attitude. I’m sure he feels the same way today.

But, when I can show McInsane’s own words, proving that he simply bald-face lies… with abandon, how can his supporter’s still deny it or defend him?

How can a person’s own integrity allow such a thing? I cannot get it? I do not understand how someone can lie to themselves and believe it. Amazing!

Ariana Huffington has a post up this morning which goes in to some detail on this subject. Some people like her, others don’t. But, it is foolish to try and parse one’s words now-a-days (with the video media 24/7) and try to say you meant something totally different than your plain meaning when you said it. McInsane said in response, “Consider the source”, as if Ms Huffington’s words are lies. But this isn’t about Ms Huffington’s words, it is McCain’s words, so easily regurgitated for all to see (and recognize the lying asshole for what he is):

At a dinner party in Los Angeles not long after the 2000 election, I was talking to a man and his wife, both prominent Republicans. The conversation soon turned to the new president. “I didn’t vote for George Bush” the man confessed. “I didn’t either,” his wife added. Their names: John and Cindy McCain (Cindy told me she had cast a write-in vote for her husband).

The fact that this man was so angry at what George Bush had done to him, and at what Bush represented for their party, that he did not even vote for him in 2000 shows just how far he has fallen since then in his hunger for the presidency. By abandoning his core principles and embracing Bush — both literally and metaphorically — he has morphed into an older and crankier version of the man he couldn’t stomach voting for in 2000.

McCain’s fall has been Shakespearean — and really hard to watch for those, like myself, who so admired and even loved him. His nobility and his true reformer years have given way to pandering in the service of ambition.

But a large portion of the electorate hasn’t noticed the Shakespearean fall. How else to explain The 28/48 Disconnect — wherein only a die-hard 28 percent of voters still approve of Bush, but 48 percent say they’d vote for McCain, who is running on the “more of the same” platform?

The thing is, these voters clearly still think of McCain as the maverick of 2000, a straight shooter who would never seek the embrace of a man he couldn’t bring himself to vote for, nor accept the regular counsel of Karl Rove, the man behind the vile, race-baiting attacks on him during the 2000 campaign.

And the main reason for The 28/48 Disconnect is the mainstream media’s ongoing membership in the John McCain Protection Society. They too continue to party — and report on McCain — like it’s 1999.

I heard Scarborough chastise Maddow over this issue, insisting that everyone already “knows” McCain, so the concentration SHOULD be on Obama and Clinton. They are intentionally protecting him from his past, when it is quite clear that IF he were actually running on the issues of his past, he may have a chance. He has sidled up to George after the butt invasion Karl put on him in 2000 and it is despicable to me.

 Reach In


Look at the slack they cut him after his infamous stroll through a Baghdad market was revealed as an utter sham. James Frey was eviscerated for far less. Or the slack they cut him after his repeated confusion of Sunni and Shia. Or the slack they cut him when his promise to run a “respectful” campaign ran aground on his sleazy attempt to connect Barack Obama and Hamas.

Every time McCain screws up, the media jump all over themselves to make it better, as if grandpa had said something embarrassing at the dinner table and it needed to be smoothed over as quickly as possible.

The latest example came late last week when the Straight Talk Express hit an oil slick and skidded off the road. Click here for the blow by blow, but, in short, McCain implied that Iraq is essentially a war for oil, then tried to take it back, explaining that he was actually talking about the first Gulf War, then, when pressed, denied that he was actually talking about the first Gulf War.

And, by and large, the media gave him a pass. Chris Matthews called the original war for oil comment “an astounding development,” but most everyone else was too busy picking over the bones of the Wright/Obama carcass to give it much play.

The media is doing everything in its power to make this a horse-race, when it is clearly evident that it is them (the MSM media) who wants McCain as the Rep contender. The majority of Americans do NOT want more Bush. The MSM KNOWS this, but do not think they are going to tell you this… they do make money off of these horse-races, don’tcha know?

The John McCain the media fell in love with in 2000 isn’t on the ballot in 2008. And the proof has all but jumped up and grabbed the media by the throat: the ring-kiss of “agents of intolerance” Falwell and Robertson; the decision to make permanent tax cuts he twice voted against, saying he could not “in good conscience support” them; the campaign finance reformer replaced with a candidate whose campaign is run by lobbyists and fueled by loophole rides on his wife’s jet; the hard-line stance against torture replaced by a vote allowing waterboarding; the guarded-by-a-battalion stroll through the “safe” neighborhoods of Baghdad; the use of Karl Rove as an advisor… and the embracing of the disastrous policies of a man he so abhorred he would not vote for him.

What will it take for the Swift Boat Media to realize that John McCain jumped the shark a long, long time ago?

Oh, Arianna. They know it. But their handlers must continue the meme that their owners want pushed on this gullible electorate. It is up to you (and me) to continue our efforts to wake these sheeple up.

Read her entire article.