Guess Which Company Is The World’s MOST Profitable?


Good guess, but no. From Amanda at ThinkProgress:

Exxon Mobil ranked as #1 most profitable company for fifth year straight.

Oil giant Exxon Mobil takes second place on the new Fortune 500 list, with first place going to Wal-Mart. Exxon Mobil, however, was the most profitable company for the fifth year in a row, “raking in a record-breaking $40 billion in 2007 earnings.”

I made a decision last year to avoid Exxon, unless running on fumes and there is not another source for petro. Last chance, as it were. We don’t have many choices, so they have a stranglehold on this country.

Sort of like rebelling against telephone companies due to their complicity with Bush on eaves dropping and spying on Americans. There aren’t many to choose from that DIDN’T work with Bush. And those that refused end up in jail on trumped up charges (imagine that).

I swear, I would buy some alternative energy car just so I would not have to buy gas anymore and give these crooks even more profit.

BTW: if you rednecks still think that it is just a coincidence that Bush and Cheney are Oil Men and that the price of gas has more than tripled since “Mission Accomplished” then you are surely a fool.