Examining the Single Payer Health Care Option

Rep. Andrews Opening Statement

Rep. Rob Andrews, chair of the Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions Subcommittee, delivers his opening statement at a hearing examining the Single Payer Health Care Option on June 10, 2009

Rep. Conyers Testimony

Rep. John Conyers, Jr., (D-MI) testifies at a hearing examining the Single Payer Health Care Option on June 10, 2009.

Geri Jenkins Testimony

Ms. Jenkins testifies at a hearing examining the Single Payer Health Care Option on June 10, 2009.

Walter Tsou Testimony

Dr. Tsou testifies at a hearing examining the Single Payer Health Care Option on June 10, 2009.

Marcia Angell Testimony

Dr. Angell testifies at a hearing examining the Single Payer Health Care Option on June 10, 2009.

Rep Conyers Wants Your Input

I hope this is not too late, but please try to write a quick note, if you can. Americans are being shut out of the insurance issue. Why? Because the vast majority of us want some type of single payer, not-for-profit universal healthcare. Sure, there are a few rightwing idiots that are still falling for the Rush meme and believe that Will Bunch has a clue, but in reality, like the life I live as opposed to the luxurious like Bunk and Limpballs live, most Americans and even health care professionals want to see health insurance companies go.

If you work in health insurance you should be ashamed, but beyond that, you should be out of a job. You have bled dry enough Americans, and killed as many or more that you deserve not even a smidget of sympathy or concern. You have ravaged America and I hope you all go fucking broke and starve, for this is precisely where you are heading me.

Now, for the real Americans who understad what a situation we find ourselves and how close to ruin many of us are financially, please take time to write Mr Conyers and state you case. h/t writechic

My letter is below:

Rep Conyers,

I appreciate this opportunity. Since you are the only obvious attendee to the summit that has a eye towards Single Payer, not-for-profit healthcare (or the closest thing to it), I just had to tell my story (which ca be multiplied countless times throughout the USA).

I spend $1150/month on health insurance premiums thru BCBSofMS.

I spend, on average, $25,000 out of pocket yearly.

I am a small business owner who made a calculated decision based upon the American Dream to pursue the very highest technologies available in manufacturing (and now sale robots and automation systems to factories… the few that remain).

I had to sell my house to keep up with health insurance and medical costs. I have had to borrow against credit cards to keep myself afloat, especially as the economy is tanking.

I am being bled to death because I want to play by the rules. However, the rules have been hijacked by an entity that should not even exist: Health Insurance Companies and a complicit leadership who get their largest campaign contributions from these very people and are inundated by their presence on a near daily basis by lobbyists with plenty of cash to go around. Thing is, my family is dying because of it and it must be changed.

It is that one business model that has the most control and devastating effect on poor people such as I and every neighbor I have.

You need to tell the truth and confront Mr Obama about his rhetoric (lies) regarding this issue and ask why the vast majority of American’s desire would be what I suggest… cull the insurance companies from their take of $.31 of every $1.00 and go to a universal style system.

Big Money owns most of Congress and the president. I hold little hope for most of you, but I do hold out hope. You, Mr Kucinich and a couple of others understand the plight and don’t appear to be owned by these coffers. However, it is obvious that my Rep does (Marsha Blackburn)… easily identified by viewing where her campaign dollars come from.

We need to completely change the system to mimic other universal healthcare systems.

And, no, don’t mimic the Canadian system, or the English System, per se.

This is America, for God’s sake. Can we not evaluate the systems of the world, pick and choose those that make sense and implement them here before we all go bankrupt (for I am a breath away, struggling to work as hard as I can in a failing economy who’s manufacturing is dying on the vine)?

Mr Conyers, I am telling you that you need to stand up for the people since it is obvious this “summit” is more meant for the Big Money coffers of Mr Obama and the rest of the worthless bunch that represents us (yours truly and two others excluded from that remark).

You compatriots aren’t doing very well.

It is up to you now, sir, to stand up for the REAL America… not that fake one perpetuated by the MSM and the fools like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

I am counting on you.

BuelahMan (real name used)

John Conyers: Get Rid Of Him And True Investigations Might Succeed

I am sick and tired of these blue dog asshats who do nothing except stand in the way, all-the-while trumpeting what they are doing. This old man is worthless and is one of the key reasons that Bush is able to get away with murder.

Democracy Now had Conyers on with Ron Suskind and I never heard Conyers give a reasonable answer to any question. Obfuscation and deliberate shift-changing. Why Amy would ever have this man on again will be a huge surprise to me.

She should have simply turned his damned mic off and spoke with Suskind.