The Times Are A Changing

They are changing fast. For the first time since the Vietnam war people have taken to the streets in this country. Protesters calling themselves Occupiers. This took a while for it to hit the media in the rural parts of the country. The media had a blackout going that made it tough for the average Joe to even know a protest was happening. They called themselves the 99%. They took to the park adjacent to Wall Street. They grew in numbers and before long, everyone knew about it. Other parts of the country were doing their version of “occupy”. Early on in the Wall Street occupy police were accused of trapping people on the Brookland bridge and arresting some 700 people.  The occupy movement seemed to be peaceful, however the police moved in and closed down Zucotti Park on November 15th.   Reports of police brutality and strong-arm tactics started appearing all over the news and the web.  A woman is reported to have miscarried after being pepper sprayed by police.  Reports from other parts of the country were not good for the occupy movement.  Protesters in Oakland, CA were met with a harsh and brutal police presence.

Oakland, CA

There are tons of stuff all over the web on the occupy movement.  What is troubling is the recent S 1167.  Or the NDAA 1031.  These National Defense Authorization bills are very troubling for the rights of all Americans.  NDAA was just recently passed and has provisions to make it legal to arrest U.S. citizens and hold them indefinitely and without due process.

Carl Levin Co-Authored S1031 Along With McCain

Your not hearing nightly, the assault on your rights as citizens.  The word is getting out through the web.  It is confusing, as I have read both of these monstrous bills and what they can do to our freedoms.  So Levin and McCain want to be able to arrest you and hold you on suspicion of being a terrorist.  It seems they are gearing up to squelch any future occupy movement.  Any kind of behavior they deem as inappropriate, could land you in the terror jail. had a good story on how Halliburton and KRB are bidding on contracts to house and feed you when you get arrested and  put into one of the 5 area FEMA camps.  The fact that detention camps have been constructed inside America and are now being staffed and readied for “emergency” situations can no longer be ignored or ridiculed as a conspiracy theory.  They are getting their “ducks in a row” so to speak for something big to happen inside this country.  It could be anything from a natural disaster or just good ol’ martial law.    Whatever the reason, they are here and getting ready for occupation.  Get it??

I see stories everyday how we are being tracked and our every move is becoming data for big brother to comb over looking for evidence against you.  These things are for real and the language being used is not for the meek.  Looks like a plan is underway to house you indefinitely if needed.  Would it not be more efficient to just off us and be done with us?  Do they need our blood?  Are they slave shacks?  Will those put in the camps be re- educated?  Is mass genocide of our population part of the plan?  Being held for the Aliens as equity to barter with?  Could they be doing a catch and release program?  RFID chip you and if you refuse, you die or become a permanent fixture of the concentration camps?  When the economy crashes will they need a place for all the people running on the banks?    For all the reasons I can think of for these camps, none of them are good,  as if they really need a reason  This does look a lot like 1938 Germany right now here in this country.  I have written all my representatives in my state expressing my disdain for these latest bills for what it was worth.  Which, under these Draconian type laws, would constitute treason.  I love my country, just not the people that are running it.

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