Show Me The Money

The Spending Boom

This congress has had power for thirty one months and has  raised spending by 4.4 trillion dollars.  There has been some big spending bills passed in this time frame.  And two wars to finance in two countries.  With the recent bail outs and talk of a union pension bail out, where does it stop?  People we need to do something and we need to do it quick!  Voting is our only power!  Please stop this corporate ran government now!  Has everybody forgot about the HCB?  We have had a lot of distractions with the Gulf and Mel Gibson grabbing the headlines.

This health care bill over the next decade will tax the American public for 10 years, but we will only see 6 years of benefits. That’s like buying a car and paying it off over four years and then getting your car. Who does that?  They also keep adding lil’ bits and pieces to this bill in just about every other bill that goes to the hill.  Recently they have taxed the tax on most of the major medical services.  They thought the slice of the pie was a little bit too small and squeezed a little more out of it.  Up to 8 million workers could lose their health care and be forced to buy an inferior plan.

In 1950 a dollar was still a dollar and you could buy a lot of bubble gum.  Today you would have to spend $8.91 to buy the exact same amount.  Since 1980 it would cost you $2.60 more to buy the same amount you could then.  This is based on the consumer price index formula with six other formulas you could use.

They say all these union plans are underfunded.  Actually they are missed managed and have been run as a Ponzi scheme in the last twenty years or so.  A whole hella  lots of people are going to retire in the next 10 years and their pensions are broke.  Even back before the recent collapse of the market, only 6% of pension funds were covered 100 percent.  Only 12% of workers are union members and 38% of those are in education.  So congress is going to bail these plans out.  They have bailed out just about every thing else that is in trouble.  165 million to bail out these union plans.  If unions could have switched to some type of 401 k plan in the 80’s they would be better off now, even with the low market.  Most would be up to around 65% funded.  Some major companies have already robbed their funds and told the employees tough shit. Fed EX is one of these major employers.

We keep working and make the other guy rich and we keep getting shit on.  Peons the whole lot of us.  Talk about running something into the ground.  How about a bail out for the American worker?  Throw some real money our way.  Stimulate the economy.  Give us a new deal and a real one.  People have to get up and go to work just to survive.  Over 60% of us work from check to check and that is an old number.  Half that number is one check from being homeless.

Abolish NAFTA and you could stimulate the economy and create jobs.  We don’t make anything anymore!  My county had shoe factories and shirt factories and employed lots of people.  The pay wasn’t the best, but people were working.

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