Can you Hear me now / Emergency Communication

How would you communicate with those around you should your cellphone quit working ?

Recently in the snooze we saw an example of government control over cellphone use. The San Francisco Police Department [SFPD] and the Bay Area Rapid Transit System [BART] admitted they shut off cell service to subway stations in San Francisco. They did this in an attempt to stop a planned protest by disabling the protesters ability to communicate on mobile phones.

What would you do in this situation in your area, should they decide to cut cell or regular phone service for some reason or another ?

Here are a few things you can do on the local level.

[1] – Remember the days gone by of CB radio. I personally have a Citizens Band radio although I dont use it much anymore, but should the need arise, it’s there and can reach out a couple of miles. Far enough to stay in touch with family and friends should the need arise.

[2] Along the same lines are the compact two way radios / walkie talkie. I have a set which at one time was used to talk to my sister at her house next door, and when I was snow skiing or hiking the trails with friends. Now granted this was only for basic communication, but it got the job done.

[3] Here is one not many think about. Do you have a notebook or laptop computer ? Is it able to connect to the internet wirelessly. If so, should the need arise, you could text or talk to others in your general area via an ad-hoc or peer-to-peer link. Much in the way your laptop communicates with a wireless router or switch, it could also communicate with other laptops or notebooks set up to do so wirelessly. I suppose this might work with cell phones as well.

Of course all of the above is provided you still have electricity. If it goes out, do you have other means to generate power for you devices? Batteries, generator, power converter/inverter.

All of the above would be good for short term. What or how would we communicate if down time lasted for months ? I guess verbally and with only those in you general / local area. Just something to think about.

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